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Patent # DES297804

  • Custom Vermont Indexable Tooling Back Spot Facing (BSF) tools save both time and money by eliminating the need for operator handling of the cutter to enter and exit the hole.Back Spot Facing Tools
  • Engineered specifically to your application, thus providing you with the best tool for your production needs.
  • Designed with VIT's patented elliptical neck to add extra mass, thus increasing the tool's overall strength and rigidity.
  • VIT's custom designed back spot facing tools do not require circular interpolation.  Our simple & strong tool design requires only spindle orientation and offset positioning to enter and exit the hole.
  • Most all Vermont Indexable Tooling's back spot facing tools are designed to utilize standard ISO inserts, to reduce inventory cost.
  • Vermont Indexable Tooling's back spot facing tools are best used on machining and turning centers.
  • Maintain high precision tolerance hole by not piloting the hole, thus preventing any galling, seizing or wearing from occurring.
  • With extreme applications (those tools that exceed a 4:1 overhang ratio), VIT prefers designs utilizing a heavy metal tungsten alloy material.
  • Variations?  No Problem!  How about . . .

Forward Chamfering, Back Chamfering, Grooving, Boring, Facing, Counterboring, Profiling, and multi insert / multi flute combinations (depending on application and size).

Back Spot Facing Tool

Get that competitive edge in production machining with a custom Back Spot Facing tool designed specifically for your application.

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Custom Back Spot Facing

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